How does tooth decay start?

Tooth decay is caused by certain bacteria that live in your mouth. When these bacteria attach themselves to your teeth and multiply in dental plaque, they can damage your teeth. The bacteria feed on what you eat -especially sugars (including fruit sugars) and cooked starches (bread, potatoes, rice pasta etc.). Within about five minutes’ time after you eat or drink, the bacteria begin to produce acids as a byproduct of digesting your food. Those acids can penetrate the hard enamel and root-surface covering of teeth and dissolve some of the minerals (calcium and phosphate). If the acid attacks are infrequent and of short duration, your saliva can help to repair the damage, by neutralizing the acids and supplying minerals and fluorides that can replace those lost from your tooth. However, if your mouth is dry, if you have many of these bacteria, or if you snack frequently, then the tooth mineral lost by attacks of acids is too great and cannot be repaired by itself. This situation is the start of tooth decay and leads to the formation of a cavity.

Prospec MI Paste

Using MI Paste is a relatively new method used to help heal small areas of tooth decay.

MI Paste contains RECALDENT (CPP-ACP) which is made from a natural protein extract from milk. MI Paste has a unique ability to deliver bio-available calcium and phosphate to the tooth when they are needed most. PROSPEC™ MI Paste binds calcium and phosphate to tooth surfaces, plaque, and surrounding soft tissue. Prospec MI Paste delivers calcium and phosphate to the tooth surface when it is challenged by acids produced by bacteria in the normal digestive process. MI Paste provides a high concentration of the materials crucial to help repairing the tooth surface.

How do I use it?

MI Paste can be applied directly to the teeth with your finger. It should be done just after brushing your teeth so that it can remain undisturbed on the tooth surface. Simply squeeze a small amount from the tube onto your finger and apply it directly over the surfaces of the teeth on both the cheek side and tongue side.
It should be left on for at least 3 minutes. Then, either rinse it away or leave it to slowly dissolve – it’s up to you. The longer the exposure, the more calcium and phosphate is absorbed for later use in repairing the tooth surface after acid attack.

How often should I use Prospec MI Paste?

We recommend using MI Past twice a day after brushing.
It is especially important to use it before bedtime. The paste will work well with all toothpastes (especially Prevident) and will help to bind fluoride onto the tooth surface.

Is Prospec MI Paste safe to swallow?

Yes. The main active ingredient in MI Paste is derived from milk casein and, like milk and cheese, it is safe to ingest. BUT …. do NOT use it if you are allergic to milk proteins. Prospec MI Paste CAN be used by individuals with lactose intolerance.

Be sure to tell us if you are lactose intolerant or have an allergy to milk protein.


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