About Us

Dr. Stephen Abrams and Dr. Warren Hellen established Cliffcrest Dental Office in 1980.  Their philosophy was and is to provide comprehensive dental care for the entire family.  Over the years, they have assembled a team of highly-trained professionals that can provide you and your family with most of your dental care under one roof.

The Cliffcrest Dental team has always included both general dentists and other specialists.  Our specialists have provided a wide range of care right in our office, allowing our patients to obtain treatment in a convenient, familiar environment.  This in-house service enables your general dentist to be a part of your ongoing care throughout all its stages.

Cliffcrest Dental hygienists work very closely with all our dentists and are an integral part of your ongoing dental care programme.  They will clean your teeth and gums on a regular basis and help teach you the latest techniques to maintain your dental health.

Our dental assistants are trained to provide you with excellent care and ensure that you are comfortable during your visit.  The Cliffcrest Dental chairside assistants work alongside our dentists, playing an active role in all procedures.

The administrative staff keeps the office running efficiently.  From scheduling appointments to completing insurance claims, and establishing affordable financial arrangements, the office staff assists all patients through the system, making your experience organized and stress-free.

We always welcome new patients and are grateful to our many generations of patients who continue to refer friends and family!