Dental Equipment & Infection Control

Dental unit waterlines undergo regular maintenance procedures. They are purged at the beginning of each workday by flushing thoroughly with water for at least 2 to 3 minutes.

Handpieces & other intraoral devices are sterilized after each patient use. Following the manufacturer’s instructions, these devices are cleaned, lubricated, and sterilized after every use. Components that are permanently attached to the dental unit are covered with barriers that are changed after each patient use. If the fixed equipment is contaminated, it is cleaned and disinfected with an appropriate low-level disinfectant before the next patient is seated.

Single-use or disposable devices are designed to be used on one patient and then discarded, not to be re-processed or used on another patient. Examples include syringe needles, prophylaxis cups, suction tips, and air/water syringe tips.

Dental radiography (x-ray) equipment.

Gloves are worn when taking radiographs and when handling devices. X-ray equipment is protected with surface barriers that are changed after each patient use. Surfaces that cannot be covered with barriers are cleaned using low-level disinfectant wipes, following the manufacturer’s instructions

Intra-oral cameras

Gloves are worn when taking intra-oral images. Devices are protected with disposable surface barriers and surfaces that cannot be covered are cleaned using low-level disinfectant.


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